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Why revisiting your New Years’ resolutions in the summer is fun!

A Salsa Care Package? After over a year of staying in touch with our family and friends with Zoom, FaceTime, phone calls, text, and E-mail, our resolution was to rediscover a traditional way of reminding people that they’re loved: Mailing a care package of good food.

Mail Call

It goes back even further when we talked about creating new traditions, which got us thinking about how our families and friends historically stayed in touch.  And that thread led us down the rabbit hole of learning how our founding fathers believed that the postal service was so important that they wrote it into our Constitution.

We’ll save you some time: It’s because most countries recognized that mail was the primary method of staying in touch—the E-mail, Instagram, and Facebook of the 1700s.

Our New Year’s resolution was to start using the postal service to send our family and friends monthly care packages.

Try our traditional Mexican Salsa Roja for your next care package. It’s just like your mom and dad used to make!

New Years’ Summer

It’s shocking to think that the year is almost half over already.  Many of those good intentions that we had early in the year have slipped away in the warm sunshine.  This makes the summer the perfect time to surprise your family and friends by mailing a care package–it’s fun, and they really won’t be expecting it!

Good Food

Why is food such an important way to say “I love you?”

The obvious answer is that it helps to sustain life. But it’s so much more.

Remember when our parents and grandparents took the time to make us a meal or even a snack? It included their love, homemade ingredients, a special trip to the market, a lot of time, and their personal seal of approval.

Being delicious was super important! But we subconsciously knew that the care they took was reassuring. Which are two reasons why we now consider those meals and snacks to be comfort food.

That’s where Hector comes in. He makes food the way generations of his family made it in Mexico. “When food is made by someone who cares while working in a friendly environment, you can taste the difference.”

While there’s an endless list of reasons why it’s not possible for us to spend as much time today, we can still say “I love you” by mailing good food with our personal guarantee.


I’m inviting you to When you send a care package, don’t tell the recipient in advance. Let the postal system work its magic.

Yes, it’s slow compared to electronic communications.

But that’s part of the fun!

Don’t have the time to create a full care package? Send one of our Salsa Variety packs!

With love,

Good Life Naturals

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