Our Story

Good Life Naturals

We were raised in completely different cultures but with the same values instilled by our mothers: to eat, create, and feed our family foods that we’ve cooked from scratch with whole, natural ingredients. In 2017 we gathered recipes for a no-sugar-added ketchup, a tried-and-true artisan granola, and a handful of Hector’s own traditional Mexican salsas. Good Life Naturals was born.

Our commitment to feeding our family the best foods, made from the cleanest and most natural ingredients, carries over into everything produced by Good Life Naturals. Hector carefully selects the best non-GMO ingredients he can find, from local sources whenever possible, because that’s what we feed our family. There are no preservatives or fillers, nothing artificial, and never any unnecessary ingredients added to any of our products.

We reside with our two children, Isaac and Lucy, in Alto, Michigan, the town where Good Life Naturals is made.

Holly & Hector


We work hard to craft better, healthier versions of your favorites. We are passionate about simple, flavorful food.