Everyone deserves to have food made from fresh ingredients.

Healthy Food That Tastes Great

Woman Owned. Made in Michigan, with Love.

We believe that everyone deserves to have food made from fresh ingredients. Food that tastes good and is good for you.


Customer Reviews


I previously lived in Michigan and would purchase at Horrocks, currently live in Fl and am so happy I can order online!!! I absolutely love this granola, have tried many others and to me they don’t compare. =)
10/10 would recommend. This salsa is so authentic that when I close my eyes I think I’m back in Mexico!
I was looking for a healthy alternative for my children, and they love this granola. It’s the classic granola they love with added cherries to keep things fresh. They eat it as a snack ie on top of yogurt
This is one of the best granolas I have ever had! I loved the cinnamon and bits of apple. It was like apple crisp in a bag. Thank you Lucy!

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